What We Do

For portfolio managers, vanBiemaLazar provides an investment platform for proven, successful managers who seek to operate independently and hold ownership stakes in their strategies. This platform offers managers terms and capacity levels typically available only after many years working internally at large platforms or hedge funds. vanBiemaLazar carefully selects strategies that meet rigorous and specific performance benchmarks and metrics.

We seek managers with Sharpe and/or Sortino ratios of 2.0 or better, a track record of 18–24 months, and minimum capacities of $500m — with a strong preference for strategies with over $750m in capacity.

vanBiemaLazar implements a Manager Due Diligence and Selection process similar to those developed by van Biema since 2004, tailored to the types of managers sourced by this platform.

Once the strategy is funded, the manager maintains control over trading directives. The agreement is typically firmly conditioned, however, on the manager maintaining his/her risk return metrics.

Generally, after a predetermined incubation period, each platform manager will be open to accept outside capital.