vanBiemaLazar Initiative

van Biema Value Partners was founded on the tenet that value investing outperforms other investment approaches over the long term. Critical to capitalizing on the benefits of a value approach are a contrarian nature and patience — value realization can take time; meanwhile, shorter-term returns can vary. As long-term investors, value managers are willing to accept shorter-term fluctuations and, at times, underperformance in exchange for longer-term downside protection and performance. As value investors ourselves, we have always focused on satisfying the investment needs of investors with similar long-term goals.

However, we recognize that many investors also have shorter-term financial needs that may be best met by other investment approaches, e.g., those employing techniques to generate alpha by hedging risks associated with shorter-term market fluctuations. To better address such client investment goals, we have partnered with Charles S. Lazar of IQ-G Partners, a consulting firm focused on unique alpha-generating, lower-net-exposure strategies. We believe that with van Biema's experience evaluating and vetting managers, along with IQ-G's ability to source managers of different strategies, we are now in a position to expand the firm's offering to better serve our clients.